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Home About LP Documents Services Contact Quotes In a financial transaction processing environment Atos Origin uses STunnel/OpenSSL. For secure RSA key Atos own HSM is required as RSA engine and storage. For the development of the OpenSSL engine and the STunnel modifications Mr. Levitte was contracted as consultant to support Atos development team. Mr. Levitte gave very valuable support about the internals of OpenSSL, how to implement an engine and how to modify the application STunnel. His support was one deciding factor to finish the project successfully in time and budget. Working with him was pleasant at any time. If we would require his support again, we would not hesitate to contract him again. -- Dietmar Printen, IT-Security, LoS Payment Systems, Atos Origin Mr. Levitte was thorough and efficient in reviewing my networking source code which uses the OpenSSL librar...

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